In these lines, we explain to you Farhan Steel’s privacy policy, our treatment of your data, whether collecting or transferring it, our protection of it, and the legal framework that protects you in this regard.

Let us agree that when we request data from you or use it, this will only be for the benefit of improving our services that we provide to you, and by agreeing to this policy, you agree to our collection and use of this data within this framework that we previously specified.

For clarification

There are words you often hear such as cookies, personal data, or so we mean:

Terms and Conditions: Refer to the rules governing disputes, ordering, entry, return of goods and refunds.

Privacy Policy: Refers to the mechanisms we use to maintain the privacy of store users and at the same time try to provide them with satisfactory service with third parties and a mechanism for solving the storage, collection and transfer of data and protecting children.

Account: is your personal profile through which you access our Services or parts of them.

The store: It is a store, and we may also refer to it with the pronouns we, us, or other first-person pronouns. You can go to it from here:

Service: These are the services that the store provides to you, whether in exchange for money or without any compensation.

Products: refers to what we offer for sale here in this store.

Orders: refers to an order for a specific item that we sell in our store.

Cookies: These are small files placed on your device that contain the movement of your use of the site and your presence on it.

Device: It is the device from which you entered our store, regardless of its type.

Personal data: is any information related to any individual through which his identity can be revealed.

Third party: is any party with whom we cooperate in order to improve our services that we provide and deliver them to you to your satisfaction.

You: or any pronoun referring to any individual, company, partner, or anyone on their behalf who uses this store, its services, and its products.

Your data we collect

Personal Data

In your use of our store, we may ask you to provide us with specific personal information that enables us to communicate with you, such as your email, your name and last name, your phone number, your home address, and your city’s zip code. We will only ask you for your credit card information at the time of paying for the service.

Usage Data

This is the data that we collect when you use the service, such as your device’s Internet Protocol address, such as the IP address, browser type and version, the pages of our services that you visit, the time of your visit, and the time you spend in front of them. All of this data is collected for analysis and security purposes only.

When you access the Service via a mobile phone, tablet, or even computer, we may collect this information automatically, including but not limited to the type of device you accessed from, its unique identifier, IP address, operating system, and type of Internet browser. that you use, and other data.

Data coming from a third party

Because our store allows you to create your account through Google and some third-party social media, so if you decide to log in through Google, Twitter, or Facebook, you give us the right to access it and collect basic data related to your account, such as your name, address, activities, and contacts associated with the account.

You also have the option to share other data of your choice, and if you provide it to us, you give us the right to use it, store it, and share it in a way that is consistent with our privacy policy, our constant care for your data, and our obligations to protect you.

Tracking technologies and cookies

We use cookies and tracking technologies to know the favorite places you have visited on our store and try to improve our services and develop our products to meet your desires, by storing certain data and information that help with using. The technologies we use may include:

Browsing cookies

A cookie is a small file that is placed on your device to help you access the site and improve the services we provide to you. You can direct your browser to reject it or send it at the time you like. However, if you do not like these files to be placed on your device, you have complete freedom to do so. However, this may prevent you from using some of our services.

Storage cookies

You may find in some of our services a type of cookie that collects and stores information about your preferences or your activity within our store and your preferences for our services. We would like to inform you that managing these files is not the same as the previous type, but rather you can delete them and this is the method. Please only read the guide. Change the settings by disabling or deleting cookies from here</a >.

Web beacons

Certain sections of our Service and our emails may also contain small electronic files known as web beacons, also referred to as clear or single-pixel gifs. These beacons allow our store, for example, to count users who have visited particular pages or opened a particular email. We use it only to collect statistics, analysis, and know the best-selling products. We also use it to verify the integrity of servers and systems.

As for the purpose for which we use these types of cookies, whether they are necessary or secondary, these are the purposes:

Necessary cookies

We are the ones who manage it

Its purpose: It is necessary to provide you with the services available through the store and to enable you to use some of its features. It also helps in authenticating users’ access and preventing any fraudulent attempt trying to use user accounts, and without it, the services you request will not be available.

Cookie Acceptance Notice

We are the ones who manage it

The purpose of these cookies is to determine whether users have agreed to the cookie usage policy on our store or not.

Functional cookies

We are the ones who manage it

Purpose: These cookies allow us to remember choices you make when you use the website, such as remembering your login details or language preferences. The purpose of these cookies is to provide you with a more personal experience and avoid you having to re-enter your preferences each time you use the site.

Performance tracking files

Managed by third parties

Its purpose is to track and collect information about visitor traffic on our site and how people use the store. We may also use these cookies to test new pages, features, or functions for our store to know how users interact with them.

For more information about our store’s cookie policies and your choices regarding them, please visit the Cookie Policy in our Privacy Policy.

Storing your data… when and why?

Our store retains your data once you log in to our site and agree to cookies, either to permanently save your entry into the store or for purposes related to developing your experience, knowing what you prefer in our store, improving it for you, and providing a better experience that satisfies you. In short, we will save your data as long as this is necessary for the purposes stipulated in this privacy policy, and we never use it except to the extent necessary to benefit you and us because, above all, we have legal obligations to protect our customers’ data.

Transferring your data… when and why?

Your information, including personal data, is processed at our company’s operating offices or other places where parties involved in this processing are located to be able to serve you, which means that this information may be transferred to or maintained on devices located within a geographic radius Other than the one in which you are, the laws differ, and your agreement to this privacy policy followed by your submission of this information constitutes your implicit consent to this transfer.

In turn, we will take all necessary steps to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy policy. Your personal data will not be transferred to an organization or country unless there are adequate controls that protect your data and other personal information.

How will we use the data you give us?

Let us agree and assure you that our store is committed to your data not to use it except within a limited and narrow scope and within the framework of what we should use your data for to meet the following needs


Maintaining and developing our services by monitoring users’ behavior towards them.

Managing your account as a user of the service, where the data we store enables us to connect you to your accounts, operations, and the various functions available to you as a registered user with us.

3. To maintain compliance with the undertaking and contract between us and you as a purchaser of our services and products or any other contract you enter into with us.

4. To contact you and update your information regarding your orders by email, phone calls, SMS, or other similar forms of electronic communications, or to notify you of offers that may interest you and that you like, or any other contracted information services or security updates, and you can also through these means To communicate with us in a mutual communication process between us and you, and if you receive any annoying messages, we will be happy to receive a message from you via the following e-mail: spam@ your

5. To deliver your requests and commit to bringing them to you according to the same data that you provided, without confusion, confusion, or any errors of any kind.

6. We may also use your information and data to conduct internal evaluations, develop a merger, liquidation, restructuring, dissolution, sell or transfer all or part of our assets as a going concern or about to declare bankruptcy, where the data is one of the things that is transferred to the purchasing company.

7. To evaluate or effect a merger, divestiture, restructuring, reorganization, dissolution, or other sale or transfer of some or all of our assets, whether as a going concern or as part of bankruptcy, liquidation, or similar proceeding, where the personal data we hold about users Our service is among the transferred assets.

8. For other purposes, such as extracting analytical reports and determining our audience’s trends and preferences to come up with the best mechanism through which we can promote our products that you love and ensure that our deals are in front of your eyes.

Sharing your data…why and to whom?

With service providers

We will have to share your data and personal information with service providers to address payment issues, for example, to contact you, or to deliver the shipment via a shipping company to you.

When the company is liquidated

We will also have to share your data when our store is liquidated or sells its assets or part of them, or when seeking financing, or during merger negotiations, because the process of transferring your data is within the framework of the liquidation or transfer of ownership agreement.

With companies that follow us

We may also share your information with companies affiliated with us, and in this case we are committed to asking those companies to respect our privacy policy in protecting your data. The term companies includes any company affiliated with the parent company, its subsidiaries, partners in projects, or other companies that we control. Or are under common control between us and others.

With business partners

To provide you with better promotions and integrated services, we may also share your information with our partners and allies with whom we try to reach the products, services or promotions that satisfy you.

With other users

When you comment or engage in any interaction in which you share personal information, others will see it, as long as the place where you commented or interacted is public, and thus this information will be displayed to all users. Likewise, if you share your username and password in any way with others, they will be vulnerable to accessing your account. And see your data and know your activity.

After you agree

We may disclose your personal information for any other purpose as long as this is done with your clear consent.

We will never disclose your personal data except in the following cases:

Business Transactions

Whether with third parties that we cooperate with to provide services with us and deliver the goods to you with an experience that satisfies you, or if we engage in a merger, transfer, acquisition, or sale of assets, your personal data may be transferred, but before we do that, we will send you notice of that.


For law enforcement:

In certain circumstances we may be required to disclose personal data to certain people under legal authorities. In this case, while you are a party to a legal violation against us, we may provide your data if you ask us.

For other motives

We may disclose your personal data in good faith if we want you to legally comply with the contract between us and you, to defend our rights and property, in the event of an investigation into a service we provide, to protect your personal safety, or to protect against legal accountability.

Protecting your data is a priority for us and that’s how we protect it

The security of your personal data is extremely important to us. It cannot be compromised or neglected. In the Internet world, which is full of web vulnerabilities, we try as much as we can to adhere to the strongest security methods and use means that guarantee this as much as we can, but we cannot in any way in light of these gaps. Also, no one can guarantee 100% safety.

How will those we work with process your data?

Our companies or third parties may access, collect and store your personal data in accordance with their own privacy policy as follows:


We are pleased to inform you that we may use some sites that improve the efficiency of analyzes of our site and services to monitor them and develop their performance to your satisfaction through these tools:

 Google Analytics

It is an online analytics service provided by Google for websites to track and analyze traffic to website services. Therefore, Google may use the data it collects to track and monitor customer performance within the store only for purposes related to improving our analyzes and advertising performance and customizing it further.

We would like to inform you that you can simply opt out of making your activity available to Google Analytics services by installing a browser add-on to disable Google’s tracking of your performance in the store and limit the sharing of this data about your activity and visits.

For more information about Google’s privacy practices and policies, please visit its web page via this link:

 Google Tag Manager

You can view their privacy policy at here.

Facebook Pixel

You can find out their privacy policy from here .


Because we may provide paid services, in the case of payment, we process the process through a third party that verifies the accuracy of your card data. Note that we will never store or collect your payment card details. Rather, we provide this information to a third party subject to a special privacy policy. The processing of this payment process adheres to high-quality security systems that are a joint effort of Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover to ensure the safe processing of your payment information, and these are some of the tools that we also use:


You can see their privacy policy here here


You can see their privacy policy here here


You can view their privacy policy at here

Please note that when you request our services and attempt to pay for a product or service via a bank transfer, we may ask you to provide information to facilitate this transaction and verify your identity, which is information that is related to the security of your banking transactions.

Children’s Privacy

The services and products we provide are in no way directed to children under the age of thirteen, and we will under no circumstances knowingly collect information from children under that age (13 years) without verification of parental consent. If you know We have inadvertently collected data from persons under this age. We ask that you contact us to correct this matter on our servers immediately.

Links to other sites

Our service may contain links to other sites that we do not manage and operate, so we would like you to know that if you are directed from our site to a link to another site, we advise you to read their privacy terms, because we do not have any control over these sites and we are not responsible for any Responsibility for its content or practices as long as they do not fall within our scope of ownership.

If this Privacy Policy is updated

Because we may update it from time to time, but what is important is that we will notify you of this matter before any change to it, either by email or by a visible and prominent notice on these pages of our services, before we start implementing these changes.

We also advise you to review this policy periodically from time to time to find out what changes or updates have occurred to it.

Do you have a question? Pass it to us

Dear reader, we always love to hear from you. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact us either:

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